From design to construction through all phases of planning and implementation, GDCI offers complete residential and commercial renovations. Planning your existing or new space, your home, office or work environment is our specialty. Our space-creating solutions deliver to our clients their most optimal layout. Our residential space renovations create a comfortable and functional living space attuned to our client’s desired lifestyle. When transforming commercial space, our new design will meet all of the demands in order to create the perfect atmosphere for that specific work space: innovative retail showrooms to attract clientele or functional offices with proper business quarters.

GDCI experienced craftsmen are focused to deliver the best in every aspect of the project. In business since 1994, we have never relied on advertising due to “word of mouth” referrals from our loyal customer base. Our customers love working with us because we enjoy and our passionate about our work. Our team of master craftsmen enjoys working together and delivering results which will only lead to happy customers. Quality and satisfaction has always been our goal upon project completion.

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